Mother’s Day with GAPS


With a crystal clear vision for improving the gut health of my 5 babies, I broke our families Mother’s Day tradition this year!

I decided to stay home and cook a nourishing meal for my whole family; parents, brother & his girlfriend, husband and our 5 children.

Mum and I choose meals for the Life-Changing Food cookbook inspired by our recent visit to the gut health retreat in Far North Queensland. For more info click here.

As only my family is transitioning to Full GAPS, this was a perfect way to introduce the rest of the family to the whole foods diet. Together we feasted on Sunflower Seed Paella with Prawn & Chorizo, Lebanese-style Herb & Nut Crusted Fish (my brother caught on his recent fishing trip to Darwin, Northern Territory), Roast Vegetable Salad and finished with Apple Pie!

I’m delighted that it was all delicious and all 11 of us were very satisfied.

Tonight as I reflect on the day, I’m so grateful that I choose to break from our normal tradition of visiting a winery for lunch and instead nourish my family with a beautiful home cooked meal that I enjoyed preparing alongside my wonderful Mum. I’m excited to see where else our GAPS journey takes us and how it will improve our lives.

Juggling with Jacqui x

2 Replies to “Mother’s Day with GAPS”

  1. Good on you. We have been on Gaps for my daughter for about 18months. We started on full gaps and then worked backwards to the intro stage and then worked back up.
    Wholefoods is becoming our way of life. The more you do it and learn, you wont want to go back to the things you once ate.
    Well done and all the best with it.

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    1. Sounds very similar to the journey we are embarking on, full GAPS first then intro. I’m excited and a little overwhelmed, but the overwhelm is becoming less as I’m become more confident. Did you have help from a GAPS practitioner &/or meal ideas etc? I’d love to know the resources that you found useful 🙂 x


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