New Home, New Term, New Routines

IMG_3640For my family term 3 represents NEW, NEW, NEW! All this newness is exciting but can cause our kids to feel anxious. The sense of predictability and stability to the day has changed, and it’s the big scary unknown NEW.

We’ve tried to minimise our kids anxiety by moving during the school holidays, this gave them 3 weeks to adjust to their new bedrooms, new home and new surrounds. They enjoy the time and freedom to set up their own space, explore the property and create the sense of their new home.

Getting back into the school routine not only brings anxiety to our kids, but also my husband and I. I had to coordinate drop offs and picks ups at new locations, without knowing timings. The Maps app on my phone was used to calculate length of trips, but until you are doing them it’s a massive uncertainty and no child wants to be left to feel stranded somewhere with no parents around to pick them up!

The coordination of 7 peoples lives, social and sporting actives plus running businesses from home is definitely a full time career! Hence why when I’m asked, will you go back to working as a Veterinarian – I think…where would that fit into my week?

I aim to stay organised, and to be honest at times wish I was more organised. There is always room for improvement, right? Here are some of the tools I use:

  1. Weekly planning on paper – each Sunday I make time to plan the week ahead, this is called my ‘Winning Week’ & I write it all down on paper. I use calendars in my phone as my diary and way of keep track of everyone and everything that’s going on. But each week I plan the week ahead on 1 piece of paper so that I can see it quickly at a glance and now what needs to be done and when.
  2. Meal planning – during my weekly plan I also meal plan. I find that it has to be done together because depending on the flow of my week, will depend on what I can cook. Some nights I have to cook dinner earlier in the day as the evening is busy with driving kids around, sporting events or work commitments.
  3. Chore rosters – this is a weekly roster I’ve created for the kids chores. I was so sick and tired of them arguing over who’s turn it was to unpack the dishwasher, that I created and roster and now they just check it and do it. It works a charm, and there is no fighting and I’m not nagging them to do it.
  4. Routines – we have 3 basic routines that I find are needed and work well for us. A Morning, Home from School¬†& Bedtime routine. These give the younger kids a visual sequence to what they need to do. I find that they really enjoy following their ‘job’ list and feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment when they do everything for themselves.
  5. Lists¬†– I keep lists for everything else, my daily to do’s, jobs I need to do in town, grocery list in the pantry. You get the idea, basically if it’s not written down it doesn’t happen!

I hope these tips help you and your family to create your own winning week each and every week too!

Juggling with Jacqui x