Healthy Living & Clean Eating

With 2017 being the year of healthy living and clean eating for myself and my family. I’ve found consistency to be my biggest challenge – especially when we travel or are just out for the day. I know that the majority of this comes back to me being super organised and prepared…but in reality it just doesn’t happen. At home everything is great, but as soon as we are out and about the wheels often fall off.

This is why I’ve decided to set myself a personal challenge to 30 days of healthy living, with no if’s, but’s or exceptions! WISH ME LUCK!! ┬áMy aim is to support my body to naturally do it’s job…detoxify over 30 days (minimum). I will do this by:

  1. Promoting a healthy gut flora
  2. Eat organic produce, grass fed meat.
  3. Increase the quality of my nutrient intake
  4. Balance blood sugar and internal pH
  5. Exercise everyday to help my body to eliminate toxins and to clear my mind.

I’m going to remove coffee and alcohol from my diet.


The alcohol part will be easy, but I’m dreading the thought of not having my morning coffee.

Also wheat/gluten/yeast, dairy, sugar, corn & soy will be avoided. These ingredients a minimal in my diet at home now anyway, but it’s learning to avoid them when I’m busy and out for the day or travelling.

To make the avoidance of these foods easier, I’m going to be prepared and set myself up for success rather than caving when hungry strikes and I’ve got nothing organised to eat. I am going to use Arbonne’s Plant-Powered nutrition to support me during those times and also when I need the convenience of something quick and easy. The protein shakes contain 20g of easy-to-digest vegan protein and over 20 vitamins and minerals. They taste delicious and will save me when I’m time poor and unprepared.


The 30 days to Healthy Living & Beyond has been inspired by the Arbonne nutritional range and complements my families clean eating so perfectly. I’m super excited to get started (October 2nd is Day 1) and really push myself to be consistent.

Wish Me Luck,

Juggling with Jacqui x