Hi I’m Juggling with Jacqui a CEO Mum of 5!

I’m a wife and a Mum to 5 kids with a 14 year age range. As you can imagine our life is very busy or a juggle as I like to think of it!

I also have an international online business that I run from home, in and around my family. To check it out you can click here.

As a family we are embarking on a new (to us) way of nourishing our bodies following a whole food, Paleo and GAPS diet.

In my spare time (haha) I love yoga and CrossFit. Given more spare time (LOL) I’d like to create a fruit, veggie & herb garden and create a more subsistence way of life.

This is a story of my journey as I create a beautifully balanced life!


Jacqui x